Triple Your Productivity In 30 Days

Productivity plays an essential role within an entrepreneurial career. Although some unique individuals hold this trait naturally, others need to train their minds and implement practices to become a more efficient version of themselves.

Over the years, I’ve considered various productivity techniques, changed lifestyle choices, spoke to like-minded people, consulted mentors, and tested rigorously to improve my overall efficiency. After finding the perfect performance recipe, I’ve exploited it and exponentially grew my business.

To discover how to triple productivity in 30 days, I highly recommend becoming familiar with the five methods discussed below:

How to triple your productivity in 30 days

Many suggest it takes 21 days to form a new habit officially. However, a more realistic figure is 30 days. Therefore, employing the following within your daily life will quickly develop into the “new norm” after 30 days.

Ready to change your entrepreneurial career forever and start completing goals continuously? Then here’s what you need to know: 


1. Stop multitasking; it’s not productive

Throughout my life, multitasking established itself as a productivity booster. However, we’ve been taught falsely about this. Scientifically, our brains aren’t wired to complete tasks simultaneously. We have limited cognitive bandwidth, and even neuroscience professor Earl K. Miller suggests, “Multitasking isn’t humanly possible”.  

Unquestionably, it’s a productivity killer. Therefore, you’ll want to substitute multitasking with time blocking. It’s a daily goal-setting technique utilized by millions, including Elon Musk himself. Doing this consists of planning your day and workload in blocks of time. 

For example: Implementing time blocking can create structure around a working day while mentally rewarding yourself after completing each goal.


2. Utilize the Pomodoro Technique  

Including the above, utilizing the Pomodoro Technique will retain focus and promote long-lasting productivity. The concept was first inspired by Francesco Cirillo in the early 1990s, and it’s been a “life-saver” for many entrepreneurs globally.

Upon development, Francesco was encountering productivity issues daily. During this, he broke down his thought process and started researching his behavior throughout long working periods. After the examination, he discovered the following:

  • Mind-wandering – Yes, your mind wanders a lot. According to Matt Killingsworth’s Track Your Happiness Project, our thoughts are in rumination 47% of the time.
  • Lack of incentives – When working long periods, the motivation to continue working at total capacity drops.
  • Poor stress management – Not having a time management system increases stress as goals become scattered throughout the day.

After realizing this, the Pomodoro Technique became a reality. It’s a time-management technique that works in splits. For example, the two primary splits are 25/5 or 50/10. The first figure represents working time without any distractions, and the second, a break where you participate in something enjoyable.

As you can see, the Pomodoro Technique provides an incentive by allowing you to indulge in an enjoyable activity once every 25 or 50 minutes. Undoubtedly, it limits mind wandering massively, lowers stress by including time management, and most importantly, keeps you productive.


3. Understand how to delegate


After discussing the above, let’s move away from time management techniques and onto business management tactics. As an entrepreneur, you must understand core business fundamentals, plus industry insights. However, it’ll come to the point that work will become overwhelming and too complicated for a single individual.

Therefore, learning to find talent, delegate jobs, and manage projects is essential. Having a more comprehensive understanding of achieving this will enable you to invest wisely while maintaining maximum productivity.

Delegation isn’t a naturally obtainable skill, and it’s only accomplished through experience. To undergo this task effectively, consider the below:

  1. Choose the right person for the job and consider developing an interview strategy
  2. Guarantee the hire or employer has adequate knowledge on why you’re seeking help
  3. Provide proper instructions, resources, and training required to achieve the expected results
  4. Review their work, provide feedback, and monitor the progress

Considering the above, it’s the ideal foundation for developing delegation knowledge without failing considerably. Implementing this can significantly increase productivity by outsourcing tasks that either doesn’t have an enormous impact on business, or jobs requiring special attention that you cannot professionally complete.


4. Complete the most complicated tasks first


Have you ever had that one or a couple of dreaded tasks you don’t want to complete? Trust me, leaving them till last isn’t the answer, and it’ll negatively impact your entire day. Doing this will lead you down a slippery slope of procrastination, and it doesn’t need to be this way.

Instead, complete the most challenging tasks before lunchtime, or better, 10 AM. Many entrepreneurs label the morning as the “golden hours”. It’s a period during the day with minimal disturbances, maximum concentration, and optimal motivation. By having all these combined guarantees an excellent mindset when conquering challenging tasks.

Nothing is more disheartening and non-motivating than complex tasks, but always complete them during the morning. It makes the rest of the day more refreshing and boosts productivity immensely by minimizing possible procrastination.


5. Wake up early consistently

Linked with the above, re-wire your body clock to wake up early. Don’t forget; this doesn’t mean you need to neglect sleep. Always try to obtain the recommended eight hours but consider sleeping earlier. The productivity benefits you can receive from consistently waking up early are abundant. Including:

  • Superior concentration – When waking up, you’re not 100% straight away. Sleep inertia occurs, which is the primary reason you feel groggy or disoriented in the morning. However, waking up early can bypass this waking process quicker and help re-enter a concentrated state.


  • Greater satisfaction – Completing tasks early in the morning boosts serotonin, a chemical your brain releases that makes you feel happy. With this enhanced, motivation and career satisfaction are increased.


  • Improved work quality – Combining consistency, better satisfaction, and enhanced concentration enables you to produce higher quality work.

Undeniably, constantly waking up early and grinding through those hours people remain asleep are rewarding. It can triple, if not quadruple, productivity and provide a healthy boost to your entrepreneurial career. 



After reading the above, you should have an in-depth understanding of how to triple your productivity. Implementing these over 30 days and creating genuine habits out of them will undoubtedly boost efficiency. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Plan, apply, and review the progress and become a more efficient entrepreneur.