How it Saved My Business, And My Life!

All those new marketing strategies and mindset hacks were nothing but a HOGWASH.  It's no secret after being backed by numerous studies, 90% of entrepreneurial achievement is driven by these little hidden functions inside the brain.

Now look at world-class athletes....what products they consume pre and post every session? Crazy amounts. It's obvious they bathe their brains and body in the fuel needed for peak performance. Not just physically but mentally. This gave them the jaw-dropping energy to endure the most insane workout training sessions.

Entrepreneurship became our sport, where we started consuming what these Olympic and World Class Athletes took. These products contained everything we were deficient us the ultimate competitive advantage in business to be in a peak mental state.

It's like owning the highest-performance car in the world. Knowing the destination, but have little to no fuel in the tank to get there.....

What would you do? How would you get there? Well, you wouldn't unless you are one of the few who would just push it all the way. We planned to create a product and formula to solve our problems first and see first-hand the effects it had on our business and mental performance.

We started researching what elite endurance athletes took to fuel their bodies for peak performance and what entrepreneurs needed. We bridged the gap with our product formulation and spent the next 18-months researching...We partnered with medical institutions and manufacturers from across the globe and tested different formulas to see the outcome...

For the first time, you could build a bigger, healthier brain! And all your business success will seem effortless.

That's how the World's First Entrepreneur Mental Performance Drink was born!

how our founder discovered

the path to success

On the verge of giving up, our founder studied how the brains of high-performing entrepreneurs consistently function and the mental state they are in. He discovered that they don’t leave their 'genius zone'. They get things done four times as fast as others in half the time which results to many more incredible strategies and ideas used today by the worlds' top 1% of performers.

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the birth of hydro energy fuel

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There is not enough time to get everything done you need to. You’re suffering mental fatigue. You’re turning to quick short term fixes like energy drinks which zap the fluids out of your brain. Furthermore, you binge-watch mindset and motivation YouTube videos which promise instant results to only then leave you in the exact same spot you started in but now with more time wasted. You splurge your money on expensive coaching and courses for that quick fix, to only realise your results are the same.